Who is Amber?

Amber Robinson is a licensed herbalist, aromatherapist, best-selling author and certified teacher. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from Lincoln University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. As an herbalist and aromatherapist she studied under the personal guidance and instruction of Demetria Clark, one of the best teachers in North America on these two subjects and renowned author of plant healing books.

Amber has completed the rigorous requirements needed to become a licensed herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild (AHG), the foremost authority of plant knowledge in this country. In recent years she’s also passed a level 2 Certified Professional Aromatherapist with the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).

Amber has been distilling essential oils for years with plants she wildcrafts and grows on her 80-acre property near Lake Ozark in Missouri. She is a firm believer that each of us can use what nature provides to find our own path back to true health and happiness…without the burden of cost or unwanted side-effects.

Because of that belief Amber has been practicing Herbalism and aromatherapy for years, as well as making herbal medicines and remedies for her family and community.  

She is a wife and a mother of two active little boys, which take up most of her time when she is not out foraging for plants or unearthing a plant remedy!

Here are just some of the thing Amber has to say about a few of her favorite medicinal plants:

Yarrow – I collect this to create essential oil with the flowers and a styptic powder with the leaves to treat minor cuts and wounds.  Even though the flowers are white, the essential oil that results from steam distilling them is very deep blue. 

Ghost Pipe – This is probably my favorite plant.  If you have ever come across this in the wild, it is very strange and unique.  It is all white, as the plant lacks chlorophyll.  Some people frown upon the use of this plant medicinally, as it cannot be cultivated and should be responsibly harvested in the wild.  I have a lot on my farm in the fall months.  I tincture it for extreme pain and anxiety.  Although the plant is white and it is tinctured in clear vodka, the tincture is a lovely violet color when ready. 

Elderflower, leaf, and berry – The leaves may be more antiviral than the berries.  I harvest the leaves and flowers in the summer and the berries in the fall.  I combine all three parts of the plant in a glycerite for viruses. 

I used to sell this commercially, but just don’t have the time anymore.  It was a very popular remedy and I constantly sold out. 

Amber’s youngest son (Justus) posing with Mullein. 

Mullein – I mainly use the leaves and flowers of this plant.  The flowers are anti-inflammatory and analgesic. They are great infused in olive oil (with garlic) to treat ear infections.  The leaves open up the bronchial areas like nothing else I have ever used. 

I can almost immediately feel my airways open with I take mullein leaf in a tincture or cough syrup. I make a cough syrup with it for my family by infusing it in water (along with sage and other herbs) and letting this boil down. Then I add raw honey from my bees. 

Many others are growing wild on Amber’s property and she goes in extreme detail on how to identify them all over America inside her new book called The Forgotten Backyard Remedies.

Here’s a quick pick into Amber’s homemade herbal apothecary. As they say: “this is where the magic happens”:

During the little free time she has left outside of studying plants and harvesting them into powerful natural remedies and the time she gives to her family and community Amber likes to do simple things that bring her joy.

Always close to nature, because since she was a little girl that was her one true passion.

Amber getting ready to collect honey from a frame

Exploring the wilderness

Amber’s mom weaves baskets and she’s made this one for her to use when foraging. 

Amber is always looking to help people get a better understanding of the so called “useless weeds” and plants growing all around us. The very same that our forefathers used to manage their day to day ailments and protect their health long before the coming of age of modern medicine.

That’s why she’s written “The Forgotten Backyard Remedies”. This is a unique book that helps anyone, regardless of plant knowledge properly identify plants in the wild and use them to their advantage. Although many generations have passed since these remedies had a place in almost every household the plants needed to craft them are still around.

And all you need is to step out into your own backyard and start to forage them in order to make the remedies you or your loved ones need, using Amber’s book.