250 Medicinal Plants That You Might Have

in Your Backyard Right Now

Today I want to show you how to recognize and put to good use the medicinal plants that are already growing on your property, in your backyard or even between the cracks of your driveway.

Most people weed out these plants without knowing how much these herbs can help them. I don’t want you to be one of those people.

Think about the plants you pass by each day on your way to work or the supermarket. Maybe one of these plants holds a medicinal use that can really help you or someone you love.

Hi!  My name is Amber, and I’m a registered Herbalist of the American Herbalists Guild and a certified NAHA associate.

That means that I’ve devoted my life to studying which are the best plants and herbs that can help YOU out.

I’ve made herbal medicines and remedies - from my small farm here in Missouri - for my family and my community here in the Ozarks, and I have had the pleasure of helping many people all over America find their way back to health and happiness.

Over the next few minutes my knowledge will become your knowledge. We’re going to take a walk together outside in your backyard and identify which plants growing right under your nose have medicinal powers that can bring relief to yourself and your family.

Like many of you who are fiercely independent, I too was concerned about the growing power of the pharmaceutical industry, and I wondered if sometimes their financial interests were at odds with the well-being of my family.

I wanted to take charge of my own health. To become self-sufficient. To raise my children with as few chemicals as possible. And I want to help you do the same. 

These plants don’t cost money, so there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t give them a try.

Most drugs today had their origins from plants

If you don’t already know this… the majority of modern drugs today have their origins in common plants found around the world.

  • In 1890 the bark of the willow tree was discovered to have the ability to reduce fevers, reduce pain and inflammation. Today we call the drug, Aspirin.
  • Unbeknownst to many, the flu medicine known as Tamiflu is derived from a plant called the star anise. About 90% of the world’s star anise crop is used to make Tamiflu.
  • The Jesuit priests discovered an alkaloid from the Cinchona Calisaya tree could be used to treat malaria and leg cramps. Today we call it, Quinine. You can find it at the retail price of $218 at Walgreens.
  • In 1874 a chemist discovered a powerful pain killer buried within poppy flowers.  Today we have a variety of names for the resulting prescription medications: codeine, morphine, oxycontin.
  • A fungus called Isaria sinclairii was discovered to contain a powerful immunosuppressive substance which could ameliorate symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The derived drug today is called Gilenya and 30 capsules cost around $9000
  • One day the foxglove plant revealed its secret powers to scientists, allowing for a group of pharmacologically active compounds to be extracted from the leaves, creating the heart drug, Digitalis, which allows for stronger contraction of the heart while expending less energy.
  • The bark of the Pacif Yew was discovered to contain a substance that slows down cell division in the body. The drug is called Taxol and is today used to treat cancer patients in chemotherapy.
  • The periwinkle plant also has properties which can prevent cells from dividing. The drugs are Vincristine and Vinblastine and are used to treat Hodgin’s and neuroblastomas
  • For centuries people relied on a scraggly little bush called ma huang to help with cold symptoms.  The drugs derived from it are decongestants like Sudafed (pseudoephedrine).
  • In 1940 a mold was discovered to effectively fight bacterial infections, curing untold afflictions from strep to syphilis. It established the first class of antibiotics and is called Penicillin.

The list goes on and on…

But I don’t want to show you how many medicines and drugs we’ve made from plants…

I’m want to show you the many powerful medicines we HAVEN’T made from plants.

Plants easily accessible that you might be stepping on without knowing what they can do for you. Plants that you might be weeding out of your backyard, or spraying with RoundUp, instead of using them to your benefit.

I want every person to take advantage of my experience as an herbalist and use this wonderful knowledge to help themselves, their families or someone in need.

That is why I edited all my manuscripts with all the plant knowledge I have gathered over the last 15 years. I selected only the most powerful medicinal plants, tinctures that really work, strong decoctions, infusions, salves, extracts, syrups, poultices … and placed them in one book, so that you can take advantage of them.

It’s called The FORGOTTEN BACKYARD REMEDIES, and it’s conceived for every person who wants to begin or extend her or his journey together with me into the world of natural remedies.

Here’s just a small glimpse of what you’ll find in

The Forgotten Backyard Remedies:

Easy Identification: 4 high definition, color pictures for each plant

backyard remedies

What I realized over the years is that most medicinal plant books don’t have nearly enough identification pictures and guidelines. That is why for every plant in this book you will find 4 high definition, color pictures: a large picture with the whole plant, a close-up in-detail picture of its leaf, its flower and one of its roots. This goes for every plant in the book without exception. Really, with these high definition pictures and my guidelines, you will know when you found the right plant.

Distribution Map for Each Plant: You can check only the medicinal plants growing in your area

backyard remedies map

Also, most of the medicinal plant books you’ll find are too general, with plants that don’t even grow in your area. That is why in the FORGOTTEN BACKYARD REMEDIES you will find a map for each plant so you can check out only the plants growing in your area if you want.

In Depth Details for Each Remedy: You'll find FULL instructions, not just general stuff

Another problem that most plant books have is they just teach you in general how to make a tincture, a poultice, a salve, syrups … with a plant, at the beginning of the book and then they say that for each plant you can follow the same recipe. This is not true and sometimes the small details make all the difference. Here you will find minute details for each recipe and each one is treated separately as it should be.

Synergetic Remedies: You'll find more powerful remedies using more than one or plant

Other books lack powerful synergetic remedies that combine the complementary medicinal powers of more than one plant. If you truly need a powerful remedy, sometimes you need two or more substances found in different plants. Just like for treating a certain medical condition, sometimes you need to take more than one drug.

Includes important sections missing from some plant books: for each plant and remedy you will find the sections "dosage”, “usage”, "lookalike" and "how to grow"

Another issue with these books is that they don’t contain proper dosages. How should I know how many times a day and in what quantities do I need to take certain tincture for a certain problem. In the FORGOTTEN BACKYARD REMEDIES you will find not only a “dosage” and “usage” section for each recipe, but also a “lookalike” and “how to grow” section.

And last, but not least, this book had to be in physical format, with high quality paper and pages so you can use it in the field, outside. Most books have thin paper and are not appropriate for that.

What to do if you come across a completely yellow tree?

completely yellow tree

I’ll show you what to do if you ever come across a completely yellow tree. You’ve probably just found a Ginkgo Biloba tree, or how I like to call it “the brain tree”. Just to make sure examine its fan-like leaves as there are no clear lookalikes. In the book you’ll find 3 powerful remedies that you can make at home using it.

One for memory and mental clarity, Ginkgo Leaf tincture for tinnitus on page 226, and Ginkgo and stinging nettle tea for Vertigo on page 228. The way some scientists described how Ginkgo biloba works is by improving circulation, specifically in the brain.

The Plant people should rub under their nose each morning

You’ll also discover the plant that you should rub under your nose each morning if you ever lose your sense of smell and taste or they've become diminished with age.

Probably the best natural colon help

I’ll show you two plants that combined are probably the best natural colon support that you can find.

The first plant is Wild Senna and the tea made from its leaves is approved by the FDA as a nonprescription oral colon cleanser. This herb produces mild bowel movements fastening the transit process and in doing so it also helps relieve constipation.

slippery elm bark for colon

So, while Senna helps you cleanse your colon, the second plant Slippery Elm provides a clothing gel protecting it. This gel called mucilage is found in its inner bark and it’s this part that you want to harvest. Then you would typically turn it into powder by drying and then grinding it. When you take one teaspoon of this powder, it will turn into a sticky gel, clothing your stomach, intestines, and colon membrane with a protecting barrier giving your bowls a much-needed rest to heal themselves. In doing so it may offer a short-term relief from pain and inflammation from ulcers, gastritis, polyps, leaky gut or some symptoms caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease…

Protective Clothing (Membrane) for Wounds

slippery elm protective clothing

But the Slippery elm serves not only as an internal bandage, but also as an excellent Protective Clothing for Wounds. Native Americans would peel its red inner bark from twigs and branches and use it as a healing self-adhesive bandage for open wounds, burns, boils, psoriasis, and other skin ailments. As a side note, they would also wrap the inner bark of the slippery elm around their meat to keep it from going bad. Slippery elm bark was later picked up by American soldiers to heal gunshot wounds during the American Revolution. To create a liquid for a compress, boil three cups of water and add one to three tablespoons of slippery elm bark. When it is cooled, dip a cloth or a stick into the liquid gel and apply it directly to the affected areas.

The 3 Garden Plants for Foot and Nail Fungus

nail fungus plant

You’ll also find out how to best use three sweet-smelling garden plants, you probably have around your house. These plants have built up a real armor to defend against fungal attacks over millennia… and you can take advantage of it, especially for foot and nail fungus.

A Delicious Way to Support Blood Sugar

diabetes milk

I’ll also show you the two plants you need to add to your daily glass of warm milk, that helps people with fluctuating blood sugar levels. I’m pretty sure you know that Diabetes is a so called “modern” disease, caused by the new lifestyle we embraced in the last 50 or so years. Back in the day, when our diet consisted mostly of plants grown in our backyard and stress levels were lower, Diabetes was very rare. What better way to manage Diabetes then to turn back to the plants that our grandparents used and ate regularly? In my book The Forgotten Backyard Remedies you will find many of these plants along with the remedies that helped our grandparents and that could help you too.

The Lyme Protocol

Lyme protocol backyard remedies

On page 309 you’ll discover The Lyme Protocol. Over the years, many people with this lingering Lyme disease asked for my help so I developed this herbal protocol that anyone can take advantage of.

The single most important thing you need to know to get rid of pain


You’ll also find out the reason why most people dealing with returning or chronic pain don’t get rid of it.

That is because there are actually 3 types of pain and each of them needs to be managed in a very different way. What most people do is either target the wrong kind of pain or they tackle one of the pains, but they have two or even three.

The first type of pain is the one caused by tissue damage. Examples include a broken ankle, a cut, burns, an insect bite, but also joint damage from Arthritis, lower back pain, and other pains that are associated with an internal or external damage to the body.

In The Forgotten Backyard Remedies you’ll find 4 different tinctures made out of analgesic plants you’ve probably seen before or have growing in your backyard.

The second type of pain is the one caused by damage to the nervous system itself. This type of pain is common in people with MS, shingles, sciatica, cervical or lumbar hernia, trigeminal neuralgia, or diabetic neuropathy. This can often lead to chronic pain as nerves don’t tend to heal well.

Remedies for neuropathic pain are designed to calm the nerves. On page 317 and 318 you’ll find two nerve calming tinctures that you can use if you experience this kind of pain.

The third type of pain is neither caused by a damaged tissue nor by damage to the nerves. It is most likely caused by a faulty pain mechanism in our body. The most common example is fibromyalgia.

On page 217 you'll find an extremely powerful tincture from 2 plants that grow in most US states. Please be advised that this tincture should be reserved for the most excruciating of pains.

The first plant, which makes up 3 quarters of the tincture contains a substance called Adenosine which has a powerful inhibitory effect in the central nervous system (CNS) and is a strong anti-inflammatory. The well-known Arthritis prescription (Rx) drug Methotrexate works by overstimulating Adenosine release.

The other quarter of the tincture is made from a much milder anti-inflammatory plant called BLACK COHOSH. This plant also contains a chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter by helping the brain send the right messages to other parts of the body.

Obviously these 3 kinds of pain can overlap, so in some cases you need to make more than one remedy, but usually this one works for all 3 types of pain.

Fatty Liver Cleansing with Yellow dock

yellow curly dock for liver

You’ll also learn how to cleanse a fatty liver using a pesky weed that grows everywhere, but absolutely everywhere.

An Entire Subchapter dedicated only to people with autoimmune issues (20 Remedies)

You will find a subchapter dedicated only to people with autoimmune problems ranging from MS to Rheumatoid Arthritis to Psoriasis. Here you will find multiple recipes for each, and complete usage and dosage instructions. If you know someone that has an autoimmune issue, it doesn’t cost you a thing to point him or her to these remedies. Modern medicine hasn’t found a permanent solution to autoimmune problems, and there are many people who manage their condition naturally, using only plants they buy, grow or forage themselves.

The Powerful “Antibiotic Plant" That’s Been Spotted at the edges of the woods

goldenseal yellow roots

I will also show you a plant with powerful antibiotic properties that grows at the edges of the woodlands. If you’re in doubt, you can distinguish it from other plants by its yellow roots.

In Venezuela, where the pharmacies ran dry and the antibiotics became almost impossible to get, this plant became a rare commodity and many people started to plant it in their backyards.

Were you ever tempted to eat the fruits of this bush? Here’s what you should know:

elder tree

On page 92 You’ll find out what to do if you’ll ever be tempted to eat the fruits of this widespread bush. This is American Elderberry and it’s a superfood for the immune system when it’s not lethal. The simple way to neutralize its poisonous compounds is to cook it. To boost my immune system, I take a teaspoon of home-made elderberry syrup per day.

The roadside aphrodisiac used for prostate and bladder control

Saw Palmetto

You’ll also discover how to use the tiny berries of this roadside aphrodisiac to help the prostate. As they age many men get an enlarged prostate which is extremely annoying during the day and keeps them up at night. The same plant can help women with an overactive bladder and restore libido in both sexes.

The Remedy Mary used to anoint the tired, swollen feet of Jesus

(And how can you make it at home?)

I’ll also show you what Mary Magdalen used to anoint the tired, sore, and swollen feet of Jesus in the Bible.

"Then Mary took a pound of fragrant oil—pure and expensive nard—anointed Jesus’ feet, and wiped His feet with her hair. So, the house was filled with the fragrance of the oil." - John 12:3

It was known as pure nard or spikenard, an essential oil our forefathers made from a plant of the Valerian family for swollen and painful joints.

If you can’t get your hands on this specific plant, you can use instead a similar plant called Solomon’s Seal that grows almost all over America.

On page 292 you’ll find the exact recipe for making your own SOLOMON ’S SEAL SALVE for painful joints or swollen ankles and feet.

My “Natural Tamiflu” Extract

I will also show you the recipe of what I like to call my “Natural Tamiflu” Extract. The drug Tamiflu, was originally made in the lab using a plant Star Anise. This plant contains high doses of shikimic acid which is the active ingredient in the pills. When scientists searched for other plants containing this compound, they found high concentration of shikimic acid in pine needles and those annoying gum ball trees. I just happen to have one in my front yard. We used to step on those spiny balls all the time. Now we use them to make my “Natural Tamiflu” Extract.

Eucalyptus Steam for Long Term Congested Sinuses

You’ll also discover how to decongest and alleviate your sinuses by using the Eucalyptus Steam Treatment you’ll find on page 230. Unfortunately many times prescription sinus medicines become addictive and requires higher and higher doses, so it’s not always your best option.

The 3 Plants That Burn Body Fat

You will also find 3 plants that can help you lose weight naturally, by changing the intake of calories you take from food, and not by changing the foods that you eat or like, as diets do. This is why diets never work long term. You cannot stay on a restrictive diet forever, refraining all the time from the small joys of life. Diets like: Keto, Paleo, Dukan, Atkins, Low Fat, Low Carb, Zone Diet, Fasting … work short term, and you will lose some weight.

Most people can keep it for a month or two the most. But when they come back to their normal way of life, they gain back the weight they’ve lost, but usually even more. Then they try another diet and so on. These diets and this back and forth have a negative impact on your health over time, slowing down your metabolic rate. This means you burn even less fat naturally, while your body stockpiles more “belly fat” than normally.

The first plant helps you speed up the bowel transit time, so your gut lining has less time to take from food the amount of calories it normally takes. All of this is done naturally using a plant that was part of our diet for thousands of years.

The second plant has the property of coating the walls of your gut with a transparent membrane, preventing the bowl from absorbing part of the calories you eat. All this by mixing two spoons of this common plant in a glass of water each morning.

The third plant is American Wild Ginseng. You will need to leave the chopped roots for several hours over low heat to make a tea. Ginseng tea is not only a natural appetite suppressant, but is also known to be an energy booster… by speeding up the internal burns, making your body burn more calories.

Ever wondered how Eyebright plant got its name?

You’ll also see how the Eyebright plant got its name. Here’s a clue: the native elders would make eyedrops out of it for vision and eye infections. A lot of people still spot this plant around their house but very few still know how to take advantage of it.

How to use Roadside Goldenrod and apple cider vinegar for kidney stones

I will also show you a simple tea made from roadside Goldenrod and apple cider vinegar that helps dissolve kidney stones.

Feverfew Migraine Tincture

I will show you how to make a Feverfew Migraine Tincture. The one that my grandmother used to give me when I had these terrible headaches. As its name suggests, this plant is also a good remedy for reducing fevers.

To create a tincture from feverfew, pluck the flowers and leaves. Using both parts of the plant will create a more synergistic remedy. Fill a small jar with equal parts flowers and leaves. Cover the plant material with alcohol or another solvent of your choice. Let the mixture sit for five to six weeks, shaking as often as you remember. Strain the liquid out after the allotted time and bottle. Start with a dosage of sixty drops, twice a day.

The “Anti-Wrinkle” Plant

I’ll also show you how to make an anti-wrinkle cream from this backyard plant that stimulates elastin and collagen production.

The Plant That You Can Put on Open wounds to stop bleeding

You will also discover a few ways to use Yarrow depending on the circumstances. For external cuts and scrapes, grind the dried leaves into powder to apply to wounds to stop bleeding. For internal use, yarrow can be prepared in tinctures, decoctions, and teas. Many people confuse Yarrow with Queen Anne’s Lace. But you can tell the difference just by looking at their top. Queen Anne’s Lace has a rounded, circular top while Yarrow has an uneven shape.

The Backyard Plant That Has as Much Vitamin C as 20 Oranges, in a single teaspoon

One teaspoon of Rosehip has the Vitamin C of around 20 oranges. There are pills with it that you can buy, but why pay $20 to $40 dollars for something that you can simply pick up near your home?

So, what you should do is to cut a few leaves, macerate and soak them in alcohol for 6 weeks. Do not dry or heat them, as that will kill the Vitamin C in it. What you’ll get is this high concentrated Vitamin C extract that you can take whenever you want.

What Happens When you put Garlic in Your Ear Just Before Going to Bed

You’ll also discover the amazing thing that happens throughout the night when you put a clove of garlic in your ear right before going to bed. You will also find in the book two other recipes for those seeking to restore hearing, as well as prevent further hearing loss

Red Clover for an Easy Menopause and Strong Bones

Very few people know that Red Clover contains Phytoestrogen which is very similar to Estrogen, the female hormone that declines with menopause. So, for an easy menopause follow the recipe on page 268. A lower level of Estrogen is also responsible for accelerated bone loss so this remedy is also good for people worried about Osteoporosis.

How to Use This Purple Plant to Help Your Gallbladder

I’ll also show you how to use this purple plant to help a painful or inflamed gallbladder.

Also, on page 258 you’ll also find a recipe for people who already removed their Gallbladder: BONE BROTH WITH STINGING NETTLE AND DANDELION LEAVES … very helpful.

The Lung Plant that Settled America and Never Left

The seeds for this next plant arrived on the North American continent inside the dirt used as ballast in old sailing vessels. Unsurprisingly, the natives quickly put it to good use. With the help of modern science, we now know that the active ingredient found in these leaves are the triterpene saponins. Mullein is used for whooping cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, earaches and common colds.

The Backyard Invader That Suppresses Histamine Production

I will also show you the backyard invader that suppresses histamine production. It’s called Purple Dead Nettle and it’s very good for people with allergies. I make a tincture with it in alcohol for my sister every spring. For kids I use vegetable glycerin instead of alcohol. Some people even infuse it in apple cider vinegar. Either solvent is fine to use not only for this recipe, but for all tinctures. You can take up to 5ml doses two times a day.

The two plants for blood pressure and heart health

I will also show you how to use Hawthorne and Motherwort to manage your blood pressure and to strengthen your heart. You will find my recipe on page 238. The active compounds in Hawthorne are  Proanthocyanidins (PA) which is known to improve blood flow. Motherwort contains leonurine, which has been studied for its ability to relax blood vessel walls and strengthen the capillaries. No wonder many people who fear a stroke use this plant regularly.

What happens If You Squeeze Horsetail Juice on your Hair?

I’ll also show you what happens if you squeeze horsetail juice on thinning hair. Have you ever stepped out of the shower and saw a dozen of hairs in it? If nothing else worked to thicken your hair then you absolutely need to try Horsetail. Its sap is extremely rich in silica, a rare mineral that helps move needed nutrients to your hair follicles, promoting regrowth and vitality. The exact remedy I used to grow back a full head of hair.

The Only Plant That’s Approved by the FDA and Real Witches Alike

You’ll also discover the only backyard plant that’s approved by both the FDA and real-life witches alike. I’m of course talking about Witch Hazel. The Natives made a medicinal extract from witch hazel for external swelling, inflammation, and wounds. Nowadays it is used as an ingredient in many topical skin OTC’s and it’s highly recommended for hemorrhoids.

The Japanese Invasive Plant That Overtook Many American Backyards

You will also learn about a Japanese invasive plant that overtook many American backyards. This extremely pesky weed is called Japanese Honeysuckle and you might have tasted nectar from its flowers as a child. The best way to outfox this invasive plant is use it to your advantage. Inside The Forgotten Backyard Remedies you will find out how to harvest its anti-inflammatory compounds and use them for swollen or painful joints.

How to make a LICORICE AND NETTLE INFUSION for your Thyroid

I will also show you how to make a LICORICE AND NETTLE INFUSION for Thyroid. Here’s exactly this very simple infusion recipe as you will find it in the book on page 315: “Create a nourishing infusion with these two plants by chopping one or two tablespoons of licorice root and one cup of stinging nettle. Add these to a glass jar. In a pot on the stove, bring one-and-a-half cups of water to a boil and remove it from heat. Carefully pour the hot water over the plant material in the jar and let this infuse for at least three hours before consuming.

St. John’s Wort, Mimosa or Skullcap Tincture for Anxiety and Stress

The Most Powerful Anti-Depressant you can make at home

I will also show you the most powerful natural anti-depressant that you can make at home. Unlike synthetic drugs such as Prozac, Celexa, Zoloft, Xanax, or Paxil, St John’s Wort tincture has no side effects and it’s NOT addictive. St. John’s Wort has yellow flowers with 5 petals each.

The leaves have no teeth on the edge, and they have small transparent dots on them. If you keep a leaf in the light you should see that light coming through these dots. That’s how you know you have the right plant. Extremely detailed identification guidelines for St John’s Wort just as for every other medicinal plant can be found inside the book.

The main ingredient in St John’s Wort is Hypericin a substance that increases Dopamine Levels among other things. To extract Hypericin, chop the fresh flowers and fill a glass jar. Cover with alcohol and let it soak for 4 weeks. The tincture will turn a lovely magenta color. Strain out when ready and bottle the red liquid into small bottles. Take fifteen to twenty drops up to three times a day.

The plant you should put on varicose veins

I will also show you the plant you should put on varicose veins, either before going to sleep, whenever you sit down or when you watch TV.

The Backyard Plant That Can Make You Sleep Like a Baby

This might sound like something of little importance, but actually California Poppy is known to induce what is called deep sleep. A lot of people sleep 7 to 8 hours a night, but that doesn’t mean that they get a good regenerating sleep. What matters is how much of it is deep sleep. Your body needs deep sleep to regenerate cells, remove pre-cancerous cells and to clear away toxins and free radicals. A lot of doctors consider that a bad sleep is among the leading causes of most serious conditions later on in life.

But even all of this is just a glimpse of what you’ll find in The Forgotten Backyard Remedies. This massive 319-page book contains hundreds of other medicinal plants and remedies that you will have at your fingertips.

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Inside you’ll discover a lot of small backyard projects that you can implement on your property to become more self sufficient little by little in terms of electricity, food, water, security, everything you can think of.

You’ll even find the plan of a small medicinal garden that you can have in your own backyard.

The second bonus report you’ll get is:

"Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans"

(Digital Product)

Inside you’ll find some of the plants and remedies used by native American nations like the Cherokees, the Sioux, the Comanche, the Apache and others from wild plants that grow in the forests of North America.

Some of these are powerful remedies that will be lost to history if we don’t preserve them and use them to their full potential and passing them on to the next generation.

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You can follow my indications to turn the plant you need into the medicine you need. It is that simple.

This is a vital book you want to have close by in a crisis when Pharmacies can run dry or the medical system collapses. Without access to pills or doctors your local medicinal plants becomes your lifeline for whatever ailment you or a loved one have.

This was the knowledge of our parents and grandparents. I think it is our duty to preserve it, not only to heal ourselves, but to pass it to our kids and grandkids so they may also benefit from them one day when we will be gone. What better way to do this, then having this book by your side and using it for the rest of your life only to pass it on to your family

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Unlike some drugs, most of these plants have no side effects, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try them.

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I want to extend to you a completely risk-free invitation to read through the book and see for yourself if this is what you’ve also been looking for all along. I believe it is, but I want you to make your own mind. That is why you have two full months to use the book as you please and return it back in case you are not completely satisfied with it.

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